Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Manually Connect HP LaserJet Printers with Windows Computer using Cables

Manually Connect HP LaserJet Printers with Windows Computer using Cables HP has always been a huge manufacturer of Printing and scanning machines with wide range of products, known for its smooth and quality printing. Every new model of HP printers is give latest technology in order to add features and increase the amount of compatibility with other users and devices. Earlier model of HP printers, HP LaserJet printers has a very blazing speed for its high quality printing (for colored and black and white prints). It may happen that users may face technical issues while connecting it with Windows computers, for which HP help and shares information to resolve such problem.

STEP 1: Hardware Connection

To connect your HP LaserJet with your windows computer you to need established hardware connection between them using original cable of HP for wired connections or specified data cable capable supporting USB ports of both HP LaserJet Printer as well as your Windows computer.

HP Printer Should be turned OFF while Windows computer can be running.

STEP 2: Power Supply

Now you can provide power supply to your HP LaserJet printer by using power from computer’s USB port or power cable. HP LaserJet printer should be turned ON now by pressing ORB button on lower left corner of screen.

STEP 3: Add Printer on Windows Computer

Now add your HP LaserJet printer on windows computer by following instruction:

Open Control of windows computer.

Click on “Devices and Printers”.
On next window,
Click on “Add a printer”.
On pop up window,
Click on “Add a local printer”.
Click on “Next”.

STEP 4: Select Type of Connection

To select type of connection between HP LaserJet printer and computer for exchange of information you need to select “Printer port” by:

Select “Use an existing port:”
Choose option “DOT4_001”.
If not found call HP Support number.

STEP 5: Find your Printer and Drivers

Select manufacturer as “HP”.
Select model of you HP LaserJet printer.
Click on “Next”.
On new window,
Select “Use the driver that is currently installed.
Click on “Next”.

Now you can enter name for your HP LaserJet printer, and select share to get connection between your Devices. This is all for manual setting by user, to exist settings click on “Finish”.
To get more details about HP support Contact our HP support number for technical issues in connectivity of HP Printers.