Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Doctor to Troubleshoot HP Printers and Scanners

HP printers and scanners provides very high picture quality and are user friendly. Their are some problems related to technical errors in network at the time of first setup are can occur at anytime due malware/viruses or unintentional configuration on network settings by user. Later at the time of printing and scanning a technical error may be seen be needs a doctor to troubleshoot network of its own or need to call HP Printer Support.
HP printer support provides a amazing tool for automatic diagnosing and troubleshooting of problems in HP printers and scanners, known as HP Print and Scan Doctor. Its version for various versions of MAC, Windows and Linux are available which can be recommended from HP printer support. This tool needs to be downloaded on server computer of network using internet browser, and then needs to RUN for automatically troubleshooting. Print and Scan Doctor can overcome issues related to missing and incompatible components and can fix problem related to connectivity issues.
Call HP Printer support to troubleshoot manually and diagnose issues causing printing and scanning problems.

Firewall Troubleshooting

Recommended Firewall settings for printers are required for proper connectivity between network and device. Firewall default policies may restrict your printers visibility on network, which may create problem in using printer and scanner. It is recommended to use Printer and Scan Doctor (Firewall Troubleshooting is available in Go To Network) or Call HP printer support to resolve and diagnose printing and scanning issue.